We understand how important our environment is and that we must all take responsibility to preserve it and seek to minimise the impact of business activities upon it.

FMG Repair Services seeks to minimise harm caused to the environment and maximise the benefit of environmentally friendly practices in both our offices and repair centres. Recycling is embedded in our business as we aim to recycle everything from batteries, vehicle components (where safe), waterbased paint, materials and electrical equipment.

Our Commitment

  • To minimise waste, reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • Encourage the use of recycled paper – and where possible encourage paperless processes.
  • Promote environmental efficiency in our business.
  • Promote best practice to vehicle users.
  • Control and monitor the emissions each site releases into the environment.


Our business places the highest emphasis on workplace safety for our colleagues. We ensure that our working environment and processes comply with the latest safety guidance and legislation. Our health and safety team ensure our sites are safe and colleagues are trained to ensure they work safely, protecting both themselves and of course, customers visiting our sites.

We take care of our colleagues whilst they take care of your vehicle and its repair.